The 12 House and Their Karakas


Each of the twelve houses in Vedic Astrology have specific significations related to our life events. Each House has a primary significant planet that is also important to be checked while evaluating the fructification of the bhavas.

HousePrimary SignificationKeywordKaraka Planet
1Self (Atman), Body, Head, PersonalityBody and Self ProjectionSun
2Wealth, Family, Speech, Face, Food, Right EyeValues and WealthJupiter
3Valour, Courage,Friends, Short Journeys, SiblingsMental QualitiesMars
4Mother, Fixed Property, Vehicles, HappinessEmotional EnvironmentMoon and Mercury
5Progeny, Intelligence, Purva Punya, Love, Speculation,Mantras and ShastrasChildren and CreativityJupiter
6Health, Diseases, Enemies, Conflicts, ServiceHealth and ServiceMars and Saturn
7Spouse, Contracts, Partners, External RelationsMarriage and Long Term RelationshipsVenus
8LongevityHidden Resources and LongevitySaturn
9Father, Religion and DharmaDeeper UnderstandingJupiter
10Fame and Recognition, Achievement, ProfessionAchievementMercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn
11Gains, Social Contacts, Friends, FulfilmentGains and Social InvolvementJupiter
12Losses, Separation, Dissolution, Spirituality, MokshaDissolutionSaturn


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