Second House Lord in Different Houses

Second House Lord in Different Houses


Second House in Vedic astrology represents the wealth of the native. It also represents the family, food among others. What would be the effects of second house lord in 12 different houses? Check out the effects below.

Second Lord in First House

Native may earn on his own effort. Possess Children. He will be wealthy and Charitable. May not give importance to family. He will be well cultured and well behaved. He may be a good speaker. Being the Second lord a marak may face health problems. Being 12th from 2nd house, native may earn from far away places.

Second Lord in Second House

This creates a Dhan Yoga. Family progresses well. Good relations with family. Children might be less or no children. He will be a good speaker. The person will have attractive personality, face and charming voice. He will be interested in food. The wife may look after family affairs or become a dominant person in family.

Second Lord in Third House

He spends money on the welfare of siblings. He has to work hard in life. His income will be lesser than his efforts. He will have good character and maybe a miser.

Second Lord in Fourth House

Native may spend money on his own happiness, mother, relations and friends. If aspected by benefics, he may become a political leader. He will be very wealthy.

Second Lord in Fifth House

He spends for welfare of his children, religious deeds. Children may earn well and wealthy. Good for speculation, trading and lottery, earnings from government and temples etc.

Second Lord in Sixth House

Native may have conflicts with family. May have to spend on others, litigation and medical expenses. If aspected by benefics, they may earn through the medical field.

Second Lord in Seventh House

May have to spend for family or their health-related expenses. May spend on charity. If aspected by malefics may be interested in other women. The wife may be cruel hearted. Possess other desires.

Second Lord in Eighth House

Native may lose wealth. No unity in the family. Family members may not listen to the native and constant conflicts arise.

Second Lord in Ninth House

Spouse will be very lucky. May engage in spiritual acts and pilgrimages. Wealthy and Healthy. Efficient.

Second Lord in Tenth House

He will have a good job or business. Will be knowledgeable. May have relations with women. May not have happiness.

Second Lord in Eleventh House

This creates a Dhan Yoga for the native. The native may earn through multiple sources. May get good wealth from his family. May benefit through elder siblings. May achieve increments and promotions if in a job.

Second Lord in Twelfth House

The native may be unlucky. There can be a loss of wealth and family. Will be adventurous bur may remain poor.

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