Mars in Aries


Know the effects of Mars in the zodiac sign of Aries as per Vedic Astrology

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac with RAM as its symbol. The sign spans through 0° – 30° of the zodiac. Mars is a fiery and masculine planet and Aries is its own house. Element of Aries is Fire and Mars being fiery planet finds it well to be in this house so natives with Mars in Aries are considered to be stronger, courageous, aggressive and dominant force.  Natives with Mars in Aries will not have shortage of money and they receive support and help from several sources. They do not face much obstacles in life. They are skilled in trading and can earn profits in both buying and selling. They are always restless but proactive and energetic in any task they take upon them. They come victorious over their enemies. They are lustful, food lovers and blessed with strong body. Their spouse will be weak constitution and requires good care of their health.  They like to remain engaged in work all times but risk losing focus as they become too enthusiastic taking multiple tasks at the same time.

Planet Mars
Planet Mars

The person will be splendorous, truthful, valorous, fond of war, be a king, interested in acts of adventure and sports, charitable, endowed with cattle and grains. They like the company of women. They can be an army chief or village head.

To summarize the effects and nature of Mars in Aries sign

Natives with Mars in Aries are energetic and Task masters. They are wealthy, lavish, adventure and food lovers, courageous and Truthful. 

They are intelligent and decisive. They are found to be argumentative with an aggressive tone often end up hurting others but they are truthful souls who speak their heart.  They can be egoistic as well along with anger. They need to check on impatience and recklessness. They need to take special care during driving vehicles.

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