Mars in Virgo


Know the Effects of Mars in Virgo As Per Vedic Astrology

Virgo is the sixth sign spanning 150° – 180° of the natural zodiac. Virgo is a dual and feminine sign with Mercury as its lord. Element of Virgo is Earth. Mars is a masculine and fiery planet that provides the native with passion, energy and ambition, Mercury is a neutral earthly planet that provides wisdom and intellect. The natives of Virgo pay more attention to little details.

People with Mars in Virgo remembers and returns the favors they receive from others. They will possess children and friends. They will be jealous at others but they are kind and affectionate in general.

They are efficient but their acts though selfless can’t attract others. They are adamant and focused on material wealth related aspects. Equally they invest their energy on useless aspects also due to which they risk losing focus on the important things that otherwise require their attention. They can’t believe easily without witnessing with their own eyes. Identifying mistakes and arguing on those mistakes is their nature. They like to defer from opinions of others. They don’t execute anything without being fully aware of it. They don’t listen and do not lend money to others. Their trust towards anyone is limited.

They may face surgeries related to digestive system, urinary organs such as hernia. They are always worried about their future. They will have debts. They will also face obstacles in their career.

According to Saravali, Mars in Virgo person is worthy of honor, wealthy but spends more, not valorous, sweet and soft spoken, be learned, fear enemies, likes perfumes, be skillful in shastras.

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