Mars in Taurus


Know the effects of Mars in the zodiac sign of Taurus as per Vedic Astrology

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac with Bull as its symbol. The sign spans through 30° – 60° of the zodiac. Mars is a fiery and masculine planet and Taurus, a feminine house is governed by Venus. Element of Taurus is Earth. Mars shares neutral relationship with Venus, the feminine water planet.

Planet Mars
Planet Mars

Natives with Mars in Venus have strong penchant for beauty and arts due to influence of Venus.Such natives would like to lead luxurious and comfortable life style. They are often found to be lazy and slow in their physical activity however their mental abilities are outstanding. Though lazy, they remain focused on the task with full energy day and night once they start it.

They are most determined and stable persons. They learn a lot from their mistakes and experiences. Mars tend to make them spend money wisely and earning money for these natives is a cake walk. They find it difficult to claim return of the money when they lend it to others.

On the relations side, they remain attached to women and love. They are inclined towards love and sensuality. They may have more than one love in life. They may face issues with their spouse and relationships. They can also prove to be over possessive at times in their relationships. They tend to have issues with their harsh speech towards Relatives and Friends.

Saravali states If Mars is in Taurus  the person will break the vows of chaste women, will eat voraciously, will talk excessively,will have little wealth and few sons, be jealous, will maintain many people, will not trust others, will play violently, will speak very harshly, be fond of music and sports, be sinful, be inimical to relatives and will bring ill fame to his family.

People with Mars in Taurus are spend thrift, Lazy, interest in women and pleasure seekers

They take their own time slowly and steadily for progress in their career and life and face obstacles with courage. They are peaceful.

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