Mars in Leo


Leo is the fifth sign  spanning 120° – 150° of the natural zodiac. Leo is a fixed sign with Fire element and Sun as its Lord. Sun and Mars are great friends to each other. Mars being a masculine and fiery planet in the house of Leo gives strength to the planet.

Planet Mars
Planet Mars

Natives with Mars in Leo have great determination and spirit. They are very hard working and can sustain any kind of pressure coming in their way. They accept challenges with humility and great patience. They will have Wife and few children. They are pleasure seekers interested in sensual activities.

Such natives do not get disappointed and do not risk losing their stability easily. They are leaders who motivate their team members. They will have curiosity to know what’s happening around them. Changing their beliefs and opinions is quite difficult task. They do not feel threatened even if anyone scold them. They will have many enemies but they remain undefeated.

They are hard working, determined, efficient and can be a Motivational Leader.

They will have less hair and chances of getting bald more.

According to Saravali, People with Mars in Leo are evil natured, valorous, interested in grabbing others wealth and children, who likes to live in forests, fond of eating cow flesh, will lose his first wife, will kill snakes and wild animals, bereft of children, devoid of charitable acts, possess fat body and performs work with great determination.

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