Mars in Gemini


Know about the effects of Mars in Gemini Sign As Per Vedic Astrology

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac which spans 60° – 90° which is a mutable sign.  Element of Gemini is Air. The lord of Gemini is Mercury who is an enemy to Mars but considered neutral by Mercury. Mars is a masculine and fiery planet situated in an airy sign adds to the Fire.

Planet Mars
Planet Mars

Natives with Mars in Gemini are splendorous, possess children and bereft of friends. They do not forget favors received from others and will return the favor. They are interested in arts such as Music. They prove efficient in conflicts. They are kind hearted and fearless. They are experts in finding mistakes of others easily. They become irritated easily. They are restless souls. They are argumentative and invite arguments upon themselves. For them Right is wrong and vice versa. They change their statements frequently. They are sharp-witted but their memory power is limited. They possess less siblings. For their siblings, health issues can exist. They may get into fights with their siblings.

According to Saravali, those having Mars in Gemini in their horoscopes are beautiful, patience, educated, poet and skillful in arts. They become interested in foreign countries travel, ambitious, charitable, good intellect and interested in work as well as liked by friends.

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