Mars in Cancer


Know the Effects of Mars in Cancer As Per Vedic Astrology

Cancer sign is the fourth sign spanning through 90° – 120° of the Zodiac. The Sign is a satvik and feminine sign with Moon as the Lord. Element of Cancer is Water. Cancer is also the sign where Mars is debilitated.

People with Mars in Cancer sign are wealthy, loves sea travel, intellect and wicked.They expect peaceful life and want to spend good quality time with their family. This is a good position for mother who can nurture her children to be good and talented. They aspire for others happiness. They will hear problems of people with sympathy. They will show interest in reading

According to Saravali, He will live in others houses, wicked, earns money through Agriculture. He wears royal dress and enjoys royal luxuries during this childhood. He will be playful, wealthy and often stricken with grief or sorrow and feels dejected. He will speak softly.

With Mars in Cancer, a Watery Sign and Moon Own house makes them compromising and compassionate towards others problems.

These natives are not demanding and assertive. They appear to be compromising in nature and tend to be independent and hard working. Water based sports can be fun to these natives.

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