Lagna Lord in Different Houses


Lagna Lord (Ascendant Lord) is the planet that owns the first house of the native’s birth chart. For example, If Mesham (Aries) is the first house of a horoscope, Mars will be the ascendant lord and Aries shall be the ascendant/lagna. The ascendant lord can be placed in any of the 12 different houses of the birth chart. What would be the impact of Lagna lord in each of the 12 houses? Check the effects for each house.

Lagna Lord in the first House

He earns by his own effort. Obedient and possess good character. May have two marriages and possess an extramarital relationship. Good Health and Long Life. Mentally and Physically strong. Happy and Successful in Life.

Lagna Lord in Second House

Earns by his own effort through business will be successful. Determined and Intelligent. Stays happy. Respected by Family and Society. He is caring for his family and friends. Possess good family relations. Wealthy and good speech.

Lagna Lord in Third House

He is influenced by his younger siblings. Have great self-respect and valorous. He will be fond of travel. Wealthy and famous. May become a good artist like a musician, artist, mathematician.

Lagna Lord in Fourth House

Influenced by his mother. Happiness from mother. Good character and good siblings. Have good relations with mother. Good education.

Lagna Lord in Fifth House

Loves and Cares for Children and their influence will be there on the native. Angry by nature. Happiness from Children. Famous and Intelligent. Have knowledge of Mantra Sastra. Father position in life may improve.

Lagna Lord in Sixth House

Others influence the native. Lives in foreign lands. If aspected by malefics, problems from enemies and diseases. May run business in healthcare. May fall ill during childhood. May do well in competitive sports and written examinations.

Lagna Lord in Seventh House

Spouse will be dominating the native and latter will be inclined towards the spouse. May feel detached from family members. May get married early.

Lagna Lord in Eighth House

Angry. Doesn’t listen to others. Thief. Possess bad habits. Adamant and Arrogant.

Lagna Lord in Ninth House

Father’s influence will be most felt by the native.  Will benefit from the paternal property. A believer in religion and God. Wealthy.

Lagna Lord in Tenth House

Possess good Job or business. Respected by others.

Lagna Lord in Eleventh House

He becomes the elder child in the family. His elder siblings may be great influence on him. Progress well in life. A lot of friends in life. Chances of getting into relationship with someone.

Lagna Lord in Twelve House

He proves unlucky. Unnecessary expenditure. May not be happy. If aspected by benefics, expenditure will be for good purposes.

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