Fourth House Lord in Different Houses

Fourth House Lord in Different Houses


Fourth House is the Kendra (Angle) house among the four kendras 1,4, 7 and 10 houses. What would be the effects of the fourth lord in 12 different houses? Check out here.

Fourth Lord in First House

He is a wealthy person and humorous. Good character and devoted to women.

Fourth Lord in Second House

He loves adventures. Lives in splendor and luxury. Will have comforts and properties. Supported by a big family. Will be affectionate and deceitful.

Fourth Lord in Third House

He will have income earned through his own hard work. Kind and Charitable. Will have servants. Intellect and valorous.

Fourth Lord in Fourth House

If 4th lord or Lagna lord in 4th house, will gain a house early. If Jupiter in 4th, gain of house will be late.

Fourth Lord in Fifth House

He will get good education.

Fourth Lord in Sixth House

Native will have conflicts with Mother and relatives. Loss of Property. Helps travelling across countries. Will be unhappy.

Fourth Lord in Seventh House

Native will be happy and possess good spouse. Relations with Spouse will be good. Will possess good children. He will find it difficult to speak in public. Bereft of Father’s property.

Fourth Lord in Eighth House

Loss of Property and happiness. Face disgrace from others. Will have to pay fines and will result in Bandha Yoga.

Fourth Lord in Ninth House

This is a Bhagya Yoga. Native will be bestowed with happiness and prosperity. Performs spiritual and religious acts. Goes pilgrimage.

Fourth Lord in Tenth House

Native might be a workaholic. He may be working from home. Mother will take up the role of father.

Fourth Lord in Eleventh House

Gives good education and wealth. Finds happiness through several sources such as friends.

Fourth Lord in Twelfth House

Very lazy. Doesn’t possess home. Ignorant and bad habits.

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