Aries (Mesha) Ascendant Characteristics


Aries (Mesha) is ruled by Mars. The element of Aries is Fire. They seek to follow their inspirations and intuition.

Aries is a Male sign which is a positively charged sign that makes them action-oriented people. Aries is a Moveable sign signifies their interest in initiating many new tasks than completion of existing tasks

The guna of Aries is “Rajas” implies their motivation lies in desire fulfilment. Names of this Rasi start with chu, chAE, chO, IA, Iee, IU, IAE, Aa. 

The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries called Mesham. It is represented by the symbol RAM. Aries rules the Head of Kaalpurush.
It is red coloured, large-limbed, four-footed, lives in rocky places, valorous by night, a relative of kings, endowed with Rajas, back rising in the east and fiery.
Being the first house of the natural zodiac, People born under this sign consider themselves first.
They are self-centred and dominating persons with lots of courage, determination and fiery individuals.


Aries born natives are of middle nature with either dwarf or medium height personalities. They possess a lean and muscular body and are neither stout nor thick. Colour will be dark to sandy.

Ruddy complexion, possess round eyes, eats sparingly, fickle minded and week knees. They are afraid of water. They will have a fairly long neck, broad head at temples with narrow chin and face.

Round eyes, weak knees, passionate, afraid of the water, eat sparingly, longs for women, uses his legs, fickle, speaks falsehoods. Aries native’s enthusiasm knows no limits due to which they might become over exhausted sometimes.

They are quite impulsive in nature. They become restless and bored quite easily and this becomes their weakness. They must learn to finish projects that they begin before they lose interest.

Being Mars the masculine planet governing this house gives them “act now, think later” extrovert personalities. They are sharp and focused but they tend to overthink as Aries rules over the Head. They are short-term thinkers, argumentative and hot-headed people.


Arians with overall good health and resistance to infections. Ailments related to head, Stomach, Urinary Infections. Injuries and boils on face, skin related problems, high Fever, headaches which may be due to overexertion and intense activities. Precautions are necessary to take good care of health.

They have more acid in their body due to the nature of the fire element. The red colour indicates Pitta Dosha. They will be impatient that turns into anger and hostility.

Family & Relationships

Aries natives enjoy good friends and maintain a good social network of contacts. They are considered by their friends to be good-natured and generous.

The relationship with the younger sibling who may be extremely intellectual, adept in business, may have its ups and downs.

The mother may be traditional and loving but she can be domineering. The father will be well-educated, religious, fun loving and good person.

They are blessed with a beautiful spouse that can sometimes make them jealous. The spouse will be passionate and loving.

Children of Aries natives are creative, productive and disciplined. Through good education and career, they will bring a good name to their parents.

Arians become extremely selective on their selection of friends and once their friends gain trust and loyalty, Arians can become their best buddies forever.


They are born ambitious on wealth, possessions, and works primarily towards gaining financial security in life. They are careful and calculated in taking debts. Impulsiveness often found in Aries and hasty decision-making may result in unwanted expenditure and bad investment choices. Gains can be made only through hard work for Arians. Their extravagance in spending can sometimes lead to a lack of funds but the wealth will come to them in some way or other, Taurus being the second house ruled by wealth.


They have a fondness for athletics and competition. They show their interest in adventurous sports and indulge in physical activities. They will be moody and happiness will have its highs and lows.


Mercury being the ruler of the third house for Aries ascendants make them excellent speakers and good storytellers.


Arians love frequent travel. Since they love to be on the move, they may change their residences and jobs frequently. Aries born people can be good administrators but sometimes they might just like to be self-employed due to their conflicts in office and issues with authority figures. Their natural organizational skills and ambitious towards success make them hard working and committed. Arians are good managers and Administrators. 

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